Museum Mons Doudou

While enjoying your stay at our luxury hotel in the Mons city center, you should also venture out and discover a bit more about the city to truly appreciate its beauty and enchantment. We suggest you visit the Museum Mons Doudou (Musée du Doudou) to uncover the link between reality and the legends that surround Mons.

What is the Museum Mons Doudou?

Museum Mons Doudou is dedicated to Mons heritage, bringing together many of the city’s historical traditions to one location for visitors to experience. Each element of the museum takes you through the journey of the past and present of the Ducasse festival, the story of Saint George and the Dragon, and how each of these elements shapes the culture of the city.

Visiting the Museum Mons Doudou

The Museum Mons Doudou is appropriate for all ages. In addition to the heritage exhibits, it also hosts collections from other museums around the city, educational activities, and off-site exhibitions. You have the option of self-directed touring or take advantage of the guided and audio tours available at the venue.

Explore the Ducasse Festival

Located in the historic city centre, the Museum Mons Doudou lets you experience the charm of the surrounding 13th-century architecture. Visit the museum to find out more about the Ducasse festival through various perspectives including history, art and religious meaning.

The history of the Ducasse Festival dates back to the 14th Century when a small town procession was credited to eliminating a plague that seemed to disappear immediately after the event. The procession established itself as a local annual festival held on Trinity Sunday. The festival was recognized in 2005 by UNESCO as part of the Mons intangible heritage.

The Museum Mons Doudou exhibits objects used over the centuries in the festival hosted right outside of its doors. You’ll see a variety of festive costumes, artifacts, information about the significance of the festival to Mons. In case you’re unable to visit Mons during the festival, the museum provides visual media to showcase the massive energy and excitement from the locals during the event.

Learn About Saint George and the Dragon

Saint George and the Dragon is another pillar of the Museum Mons Doudou. It’s a legendary story that continues to intertwine itself with the identity of the city. Saint George fought and conquered a dragon and saved a princess from becoming a human sacrifice to the beast. Several of the events of the Ducasse Festival depicts the battle, portrayed as fun games with the crowd and reenactments.

There are exhibitions within the Museum Mons Doudou that also recreate the experience for visitors to appreciate its legacy and for newcomers to learn about the hero. A rendition of Saint George’s battle armor can be found in the museum as well as the museum’s most famous statue of the Dragon that he fought.

The museum includes interactive elements that allow you to immerse yourself into Mons’ history. Suit up the warrior in his armour to prepare him for battle or watch as a dragon statue comes to life within a projected display.

The Museum Mons Doudou is the perfect place to visit while staying at the centrally located hotel in Mons. Just a short walk away, you’ll easily be able to experience the true heritage of Mons.