The famed Van Gogh has several houses that he lived in around Europe where he developed his skills as an artist. The Van Gogh House, or Maison Van Gogh, located in greater Mons, easily accessible from our design hotel in Mons, is one of the top tourist attractions to get an intimate look into the artist’s life.

History of the Van Gogh House

The Van Gogh House in Cuesmes, a town just outside of Mons, holds a special place in the timeline of the artist. It’s considered the location where he decided to become a painter. Van Gogh lived in the house for a short period between 1879 to 1880. During this period, he was able to gain lots of inspiration from the intimate marsh house to begin creating some of his world-renowned works of art.

The house was abandoned and left for ruins until a group of volunteers rescued and restored the house in 1972-1975 to preserve the historic site for Mons cultural heritage. It was converted into a tourist destination and was expanded to include a reception centre and a walking trail leading up to the house.

What to see at the Van Gogh house?

The Van Gogh house has been restored to resemble close to what you would expect when it was the artist’s residence. Leading up to the house is a walking path decorated with various posts, providing facts about Vincent Van Gogh.

Visitors are allowed to explore the exterior grounds of the house and enter the house. The house is comprised of two rooms, one downstairs and upstairs. Throughout the house, you can read information about the artist’s life while living at the house. The house renders how it could have looked during his time here.

The centerpiece of the house, his work desk, features a “work in progress,” and other details include some of his clothes hanging up. There is a rough sketch drawing done by Van Gogh located here as well. Several snippets of letters written by Van Gogh are transposed throughout the house.

Why you should visit the Van Gogh House

The Van Gogh House is an excellent addition to Mons, known as a cultural hub of Belgium. It provides visitors with audio and visual experience to learn about the legendary Vincent Van Gogh.

You can opt for an audio guide tour of the Van Gogh house or join a guided tour of the site. You’ll learn valuable information about not only Van Gogh, but the surrounding area of Mons. You can check out the film playing in the house which takes viewers on a journey through the history of Van Gogh.

Stop by the visitor’s centre for more information or to purchase Van Gogh prints or postcards.

Staying at the Van der Valk Mons gives you easy access to many of the best cultural sites around Mons, including the Van Gogh House. You can complement your stay with learning more about one of the world’s most famous artists and get a glimpse into his life before becoming a painter.

The Van Gogh House is open for visitors on Tuesday to Sunday from 10am-4pm. Tickets are available for €3-4.