The Great Wars were widely impactful on the Mons region of Belgium. Most people are unaware of the significant impact that generations of war have had on the region and the people who’s lived through them. The Mons Memorial Museum, located close to our central hotel in Mons, explores the concept of war over several eras, providing visitors with an inside look at the phenomenon.

What is the Mons Memorial Museum?

The Mons Memorial Museum experience takes you on a journey through the war history in the Mons region of Belgium. Because of its location and proximity to prominent war hubs in history, war has had major impacts on the civilians in and around Mons. We learn about the wars themselves, personal recounts of wartimes from a first-person perspective, and more.

The primary focus of the Mons Memorial Museum is World War I, or the Great War. The museum also covers the concept of war during the Middle Ages, the “Ancien Régime,” and World War II. Dedicated exhibitions of these eras showcase military history collections. There are various artifacts, memorabilia, and stories of real-life accounts provided by people who lived through the times. The museum even uses visual media to better demonstrate events such as maps of the movement of troops into the Mons region.

The Mons Memorial Museum is an intimate museum that serves the purpose of telling the real-life story of war. It mainly focuses on the people aspect of war and how they were affected in their daily lives, their occupations, etc.

Why visit the Mons Memorial Museum?

The Mons Memorial Museum is more than just a place for history buffs and war aficionados. The museum offers a lot of context into the way that the Mons region has developed of the post-war years. Getting a glimpse into the storied war history of Mons is a better way to understand the region that you’re touring around and gain a new appreciation for it.

The Mons Memorial Museum offers visitors a space of reflection, learning, and interaction with the museum. With exhibitions featuring real-life story accounts of life during war times, it’s a way to connect with the experiences of the past and the people who lived through them.

From the time that you enter the museum to the time that you exit, you’ll have a better understanding of war times in Mons. The museum isn’t to showcase horror stories of war, but to teach about the real-life impact that such events have on normal life.

Mons Museum Inside

The museum is a great tourist destination for all ages. From adults to kids, everyone will be able to stay entertained and informed throughout the entire museum. The museum also includes several interactive features that engage you with the exhibitions and the stories.

Guided tours are available at the museum by the friendly, knowledgeable staff. With visitors coming from all around the world, tours are offered in multiple languages. The exhibitions also feature English translations of posted texts.

After your visit through the exhibitions, be sure to stop by the gift shop to pick up souvenirs and come relax at our hotel and spa in Mons.

The Mons Memorial Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 AM to 6 PM. The entry cost is 9€, with discounts given to children.