Take some time to explore the Mons region while staying at the Mons Hotel Congress. You’ll be surprised to find one of the top local tourist attractions, the Museum François Duesberg, is just a short distance away from the hotel. Visit this world-famous museum to experience the beautiful world of decorative arts.

What is the Museum François Duesberg?

Museum François Duesberg is a specialty museum of decorative arts from 1775-1825. Founded by the owner François Duesberg and his wife, together they’ve curated one of the most impressive collections of clocks, jewellery, precious metals, and other objects.

The museum opened in 1994, established in the former building of the National Bank of Belgium. The theme of the museum is to showcase life in French high society during the late 18th Century to the early 19th Century.

Over the decades, the museum has grown into a world-famous attraction for visitors to Mons who are seeking a multicultural and educational experience.

Exhibits in Museum François Duesberg

The niche art collection curated by the Museum François Duesberg focuses on a specific era in a particular region of the world. With art from the 18th-19th Century, many of the pieces on displace are from the periods of Louis XVI, Charles X of France, and the First French Empire under Napoleon.

The highlight of the museum is the extensive clock collection. The owner, Mr. Duesberg, is a clock aficionado and has curated one of the most impressive clock collections from this era in the world. The museum features world-renowned, prestigious clocks that were collected mainly from Paris and Brussels. There are various styles of clocks on display.

There is a blend of other items on exhibit in the museum for your viewing pleasure. The collection of decorative art includes gold and silver items, Gilded French bronzes, porcelains, pottery, rare jewels, and much more. It even contains several statue busts of Napoleon, Voltaire, and Rousseau.

The Museum François Duesberg features thousands of collected artifacts curated for the museum. The unique feature about the museum is that all of the items on display have been kept in perfect condition.

Why Visit the Museum François Duesberg?

The intimate setting of the Museum François Duesberg still draws attention from tourists visiting Mons. The museum is a unique destination to learn about decorative art from historical eras. It’s one of the top attractions recommended for visitors.

The moment you enter the museum’s doors, you’ll be greeted by Mr. Duesberg, himself. He personally provides guided tours through the museum. You’ll be pleased to find that he has extensive knowledge of every piece of artwork featured in the museum. The exhibit is treated as his personal collection, and you’ll hear authentic stories about anything that catches your interest.

The Michelin Guide is a reputable source for rating museums, and the Museum François Duesberg has been given a prestigious two stars, signaling that it’s well worth a visit.

The Museum François Duesberg is open Thursday to Saturday, from 2 PM to 7 PM. The entrance fee is 10€ per person. Enjoy your visit while you stay at our conference hotel in Mons, Belgium.