Autumn is a beautiful time to visit Mons. With the leaves changing colors for colorful scenery and the crisp autumn air, it’s a popular time to experience Mons. Many of the locals look forward to the Halloween celebrations in Mons at the end of October, a very festive time of the year. Check out some of the local celebrations during your stay at our hotel in Mons city centre for a fun, eerie Halloween in Mons.

Halloween Traditions in Mons

Mons is a progressive town in Belgium for Halloween. Up until recently, many places around Belgium disregarded Halloween. Locals considered the holiday bad and disapproved of much of the fear-inspiring imagery. Today, however, when you visit Mons, the town has adopted more western Halloween traditions. The holiday is more widely enjoyed and accepted as fun for adults and kids.

All around Mons, you’ll see storefront windows decorated with Halloween decorations and even inside decorations for the Halloween spirit. Many shops and toy stores around Mons now sell costumes. Also, popular food and drink brands add a bit of Halloween flair to their packaging for the season.

Halloween 2019 in Mons

Children have a lot to look forward to for celebrating Halloween in Mons. From the costume traditions to trick-or-treating, there are plenty of activities for scary fun. Trick-or-treating was introduced from western cultures, and Mons has created its traditions of the activity. Mons and other surrounding villages take part in neighborhood trick-or-treating where candy is pre-purchased by the participants and re-distributed. Kids with bags full of candy line the streets as the sun begins to set on Halloween.

Adults have their own Halloween celebrations to enjoy in Mons. Halloween parts are the biggest trend in Mons. Stop by some of the top club venues and bars for wild Halloween parties. Dress up in your best Halloween costume and hit the dance floor for a fun night out.

Other Events & Activities

Halloween in Mons is relatively new as many people know the holiday from other cultures. While there is a growing number of things to do in Mons, there are also some exciting activities located just outside of the town.

For a unique Halloween experience, visit Pairi Daiza, located in Brugelette, just outside of Mons. Pairi Daiza was voted one of the best zoos in Europe. The zoo hosts a special night on Halloween open to all ages. Fun Halloween decorations are put up around the zoo, and performers entertain you all night. To add to the excitement, you’ll get to experience the reptile cages in a new way. Step into the cages for an up-close look at the snakes and other creepy creatures.

Halloween 2019 in Mons

Before a western-style Halloween was popularized in Mons, two other events were celebrated and remain part of the Halloween traditions. Toussaint (All Saints’ Day) and Jour des Morts (Day of the Dead) are related holidays celebrated at the beginning of November, just after Halloween. The holidays are for remembering the dead. On Toussaint, locals around Mons hold candle lighting ceremonies for their dead relatives. On Jour des Morts, locals remember the dead by bringing flowers to family members’ graves.

Halloween in Mons is an exciting holiday for visitors to see a festive side of Mons. It’s a time of year where there are lots of events and celebrations locally and in the surrounding villages. Pack your costume and get ready for the scary fun during your time at our boutique hotel in Mons.