Excitingly, BAM remains one of the top and sophisticated museums to visit in Mons, Belgium. The first thing that catch your eye whenever you set your sights on this museum is the building itself. The BAM building is a modern structure made of glass cubes. Rebuilt in 2015, when Mons was still revered as the European city of culture, this museum perfectly conveys both the modern-day and contemporary arts from within. Visit the Beaux-Arts Museum during your stay at our hotel in Mons city centre.

Beaux-Arts Mons (BAM): A Museum To Be Discovered

Since its establishment in 1913, the Beaux-Art Museum has witnessed a wide range of both technical and architectural design changes. The sole purpose of different phases of developmental renovations and particularly the last stage of this renovation, which was completed in 2013, was to ensure that the museum is capable of hosting both national and international exhibitions.

Thanks to the quality and warm welcome this museum offers, the Musee des Beaux-Arts now stands out among all its peers in the research and culture industry. The Beaux-Art Museum is strategically constructed and designed to outsmart others with the unique and cozy experiences it offers. Some of these include the spaces for visitors to discover artistic creativity of all types and forms and a living environment that hosts both local, national, and international events all year round.

Indeed, much emphasis had been laid on making all the public areas welcoming, inviting, and captivating. All the practical sites include the shops, the garden, the ticket offices, and the cloakrooms. Therefore, this contemporary technical and architectural design project now combines with the practical demands and rigors of a museum with optimum aesthetics. This is because the human architectures have been conserved, preserved, thus revealing the light and airy passageways with embracing and high levels of transparency.

Recently, there is a new renovation exercise in the structure of BAM. This has contributed to the transformation of the structure into a significant cultural tool, boasting of 3 floors and 2000 square meters of spaces of the exhibition. There is also an invention of the Reine Astrid garden, which has also been a showcase for exhibitions.

Beaux-Arts Museum Mons

Image courtesy of VisitMons

Usually, the BAM feature two significant exhibitions. These exhibitions are aimed at offering visitors from diverse cultures, creed, race, and backgrounds with the opportunity to discover an artist, artistic movements, and themes for your collections.

With its commitment to remain accessible to all kinds of visitors, including the less privileged, the BAM features a wide range of activities alongside its main exhibition. This implies that members of the public are at free will to visit the museum to attend concerts, dance performances, and literary events. The collections at BAM boasts of more than 15,000 pieces of artwork, including a wide range of 20th-century pieces.

Beaux-Arts Mons
Rue Neuve 8, 7000 Mons, Belgium
Opening Hours: from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am until 6pm

  • Permanent exposition, 4€ or 2 (reduced fare)
  • Temporary Exhibition, 9€ or 6€ (reduced fare)
  • Free entry for children under 12
  • Organize a guided visit with Visit Mons, the Tourism Office

Indeed, Beaux-Arts Museum remains one of the top class museums you need to see when you stay at our luxury hotel in Mons.