Among the numerous pieces of intricate historical architecture and decorations in the scenic city of Mons, Belgium. You’ll discover the so-called Guardhouse Monkey, which remains one of the mysterious gifts that this city boasts of. In this piece, we’ll be taking a brief look at the origin of this statue and other essential things you need to know. Go see the status during your stay at our 4 star hotel in Mons!

The Mysterious Origin of the Grand Guard Monkey

Situated at the outer parts of the Mons city hall, the small wrought iron monkey has been in existence in that particular spot spanning through many centuries. Interestingly, no one has been able to trace the origin of this little rascal even despite the number of available theories.

Basically, there are three hypotheses as to its origin. One study suggests that it might have been a masterpiece of a blacksmith, for the test to deserve the award of master blacksmith. The other is that the monkey once acted as a pillory for turbulent children. Other people had also theorized that this statue might had been a sign for a tavern, located in the basement of the city hall. The tavern was closed in 1897.

Grand Guard Monkey - Mons

How Old is the Grand Guard Monkey?

According to reports, the monkey has been in existence since 1843. Even though, it could have been existing before this year. Reasonably, one could easily believe that this statue has been at the entrance of the Mons city hall since the end of the 17th century. You may start asking yourself many questions. Was the presence noticed since the realization of the city hall in the 15th century? Was it placed on a façade during the times of renovation or restoration of the city hall building? Does the tavern located in the cellar symbolize the origin of the grand guard monkey? These are questions that are left with no answers.

One Mysterious Gift of the Grand Guard Monkey

One of the mysterious gifts of this monkey is to grant the wishes of anyone who caresses its head. There are various legends around it: a girl who wishes to get married sees this monkey and caressed its head. Voila! The wish was fulfilled in that same year. Also, another young couple caressed its head, and there was the fulfillment of a happy event in that same year.

Do you feel this might be superstition? Evidence also reveals that Prince Phillipe and his wife, Princess Mathilde, jointly caressed the head of the monkey on February 9, 2000. A little over a year later, the couple announced a happy event.

There you have it, brief on the history, origin, and the mysterious gift of the Grand Guard Monkey. So, during your stay at our hotel by Mons train station, Belgium, you should go to Mons City Hall to see this historical statue.