The Anciens Abattoir is a former renowned old slaughterhouse transformed into an art gallery. Architect Sury initially built the abattoir in 1854-1855. After classification in 1985, the site was subjected to different phases of restoration, specifically on the exterior part of the building. Stay at our convention hotel in Mons.

With subsequent series of redevelopment after then, the Anciens Abattoir has adapted to its new functions. Undoubtedly, this architecture has remained a typical example of a modern nineteenth-century building in the city of Mons. Let’s take a brief look at the Anciens Abattoir as a historic site for contemporary arts.

The Anciens Abattoir: An Historic Site of Contemporary Art

Opened for public visits in 2006, the Anciens Abattoirs (Old Slaughterhouse) has remained at the forefronts of hosting various events and exhibitions, primarily showcasing its iconic and modern arts. This museum has a main building known as La Grande Halle. This main building is a single story with 70 meters long and 10 meters in width.

Apart from that, this historic site also boasts of two other separate sections known as l’Etable (the stable) and le Frigo (the cold room). The World Craft Council Belgique Francophone mainly utilizes this l’Etable.

The World Craft Council Belgique Francophone is an organization that’s devoted to all forms of applied arts as well as Transcultures, specifically those concerned with the digital world.

Anciens Abattoirs - Mons

The second part, which is the Frigo, is a soothing area, calming and welcoming to organize any event. This space has two rooms. While the first room can host 100 guests, the other room can also host a lower population of 30 people. Apart from that, this room also has a bar where guests wine and dine.

Upon its accessibility to the public in 2006, the events and temporary exhibitions hosted by this former abattoir are fundamentally devoted to the concept of contemporary plastic creation. Apart from that, it has also been showcasing various activities that are people-oriented centered towards boosting and developing the creative economy.

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Though, there might be no much information about this historical site but it’s somewhere you should consider visiting during your stay at our hotel restaurant in Mons to enjoy a fantastic and mind-blowing experience.