The Arthoteque Museum in Mons is a museum that has four goals, to conserve, restore, study and communicate. During your stay at our hotel in Mons city centre it is the perfect moment to take a dive in the history of Mons heritage. The Arthoteque Museum also offers works of art and activities revolving around them. The items you can find in the museum range from soldiers’ wartime rations and ceramics to clothing and fine art. It is an original and entertaining collection, nowhere else to be found.

If you don’t like the typical museum setting then you will be surprised by the Arthoteque Museum in Mons. They want to make sure that all historical items see the light of day. In the innovative space in a former convent chapel you find a wide range of objects from different museum basements. The screens with information are interactive, but in French. If you need any translation, ask one of the staff members to help you out. The collection of the museum is a mix of objects that are not permanently exhibited at other museum sites. Also the museum wants to promote the Mons heritage with some items you don’t find normally in other museums.

Arthoteque Museum in Mons

It is important for the Arthoteque Museum to make sure that the documents and works are conserved for other generations. They apply strict rules for security and preservation. The museum uses a meticulous approach to preserve all the objects that can be find in the museum. The design fits perfectly with the environmental standards of the archive rooms. The lights and humidity conditions used are the result of years of study. The design is not only based on lights and humidity, but also on pollute control and storage conditions. This includes the furniture that is used to hold them. Also they put a lot of effort in the security of staff, visitors and the objects. In case of fire or a broken water pipe, it is sure that only a small part will be damaged.

The Arthoteque Museum wants to make sure that all these objects that normally wouldn’t see any daylight are visible and accessible to the public. A visit to the museum is a good start of the day after a nice cup of coffee in our hotel restaurant in Mons centre. You can visit the museum from Thursday until Sunday. The opening hours are from 10 am to 4 pm. For a guided tour you can call upfront to make a reservation. Groups and schools have a different price, for more information contact the museum. The museum is located at Rue Claude de Bettignies and the entrance price is 6 euro for adults and 4 euro for children.