During your stay in our hotel by Mons train station you should definitely visit the Museum of Grand Hornu. It has a lot of temporary exhibitions that are worth a visit and will blow your mind. One of the MAC’s you can find now in the museum is from the American artist Matt Mullican, it is a retrospective exhibition with the title Representing the Work. You can find a collection of his work from the past forty years.

The Museum of Grand Hornu is a classified World Heritage Site since July 2012. It offers an insight in the industrial heritage of the 19th century. This historical landmark is today one of the most significant sights in Belgium where you can find contemporary art. If you’re looking for a high-quality exhibition of contemporary art and design, you’re in the right place.  The new temporary exhibition that the Museum of Grand Hornu has to offer to its visitors is from Matt Mullican.

Musée des Arts Contemporains - Grand Hornu Mons

Matt Mullican is an American artist. He produces retrospective art, and, in this exhibition, you can find a large collection of his pieces from the last forty years. The collection is built up from his first pictograms in his career, until his performances he made under hypnosis and is completed with cosmologic diagrams from his famous frottages and flags. The collection offers images that Matt Mullican took from encyclopedias and the internet, but also images he created himself. Because of this combination, you will experience a journey through the eyes from a real artist. It gives you a unique opportunity to have a look into somebody else his mind and see the world in a different universe. In this case it with be an obsessive and extraordinary journey that might cross some border with art brut, made by one of the most famous representors of the “Pictures Generation”.

Matt Mullican was born in Santa Monica (United States) in 1951. He lived in Berlin and New York. His parents were modern artists and he is known as one of the pillars of the media art, especially inside the “Pictures Generation”. Except for solo exhibitions all over the world in museums and art galleries, he is also known for being part of a few documentaries. His work is not only part of public exhibitions, but also very known with private collectors that can’t wait to buy one of his famous pieces of art of their collections. One of his most famous exhibitions is “That Person”, an alter ego that becomes to live when Matt Mullican is under hypnosis.

Enjoy your visit at Grand Hornu and come get some rest at our 4* hotel in Mons centre.