During your stay in our hotel restaurant in Mons there are many nice historical sites to see. One of them is Chateau d’Havré. This was a fortification from the city of Bergen in the 12th century. In 1365 the fortress was destroyed by the Flemish. The Enghien family rebuild it to the castle you can find nowadays. The castle is surrounded by moats and consists of a large courtyard, four corner towers, the guard tower of which is covered with a spherical dome, and a Gothic chapel.

The castle of Havré was the home of prominent families until the 18th century. After this the castle was the home of the family Croy. One of them was Filips II van Croy, a general from Kaiser Karel V. His son Karel Filips van Croy was the first marquis of Havré. In 1578 the castle was two times under attack, but it stood through the damages. In 1579, Chateau d’Havré was completely destroyed by a fire. It was renovated by Karel Alexander van Croy. He was a lover of art and made sure the castle was restored in the best way possible to make sure that he and his important guests had the best experience during their stay.

Havré Castle in Hainault Province, Belgium

During the French invasion in 1792 the castle was sold as a national heritage. The family van Croy bought the castle back in 1807, but never did any maintenance. Because of this the castle slowly became a ruin. In 1930 the castle collapsed because a lack of maintenance over the years. In 1978 it was reconstructed by the Foundation of friends from the Chateau d’Havré. Nowadays it is an event location that is also suitable for weddings. Or you can book one of the rooms for a business meeting or presentation.

The castle of Havré also offers a big rose garden with 15.000 rose bushes since 2000. There are more than 100 varieties of roses you can find in the garden. You can enjoy some relaxation sitting on one of the many benches in the shade of the trees. It offers a splendid view on the castle. The garden itself is shaped like a multi faced diamond.

A group of young acrobats made a video clip to promote Chateau d’Havré and to make sure people worldwide remember how important it is to make sure historical sights are being saved for future generations. After your visit to Chateau d’Havré you can enjoy a nice dinner in our hotel and spa in Mons. We want to make sure you enjoy your stay to the fullest and have a great holiday.