The Saint Nicholas Church is worth a visit if you’re staying in our hotel in Mons city centre. This Parish church has been refurbished and rebuilt several times. It has a baroque façade but a classical interior. You will find a lot of woodwork, also in baroque style, while its treasury is rich in old liturgical ornamentation.

The Saint Nicholas Church was founded in 1224. It is close to the Grand Place of Mons. The church itself was built in the 15th century and burned down in the 17th century. It was rebuilt in 1664. The exterior is much younger than the interior due to restorations and rebuilding works over the centuries. The exterior is in a baroque design, but the interior is in of a Romanesque design. The interior is clearly classical in design, but the chapels show a rich baroque influence. It has a rich and ornate woodwork. The high altar is for sure the masterpiece of the church, although you can not miss out on the Chapel of St. Joseph. This chapel has beautiful sculptures that show off the translucence of alabaster with a flourish as well as a sculpture of an angel with infant Jesus.

Saint Nicholas Church in Mons

The church was restored between 2011 and 2015. They repaired and reconsolidated the tower, stabilized the frameworks, frontons and monumental elements and replaced at some points the brickwork. Also, they restored the stained glass in the main façade, the side façade and the forecourt. Stones that were damaged were replaced and the forecourt was restored. The organ gallery was stabilized and the organ itself was restored. During the restoration they made sure that the original structure was changed to a minimum.

It is a very beautiful church that is a must see when you visit our hotel restaurant in Mons!