As you might know Belgium is famous for its beers. During your stay in our 4* hotel in Mons centre, you can visit one of the local breweries to see how the process of making beer goes. And off course you can taste and enjoy few of the local made beers. Don’t forget to bring some home with you to remember your visit to Mons.

Le Cours du Malt

This is a special brewery. The goal of this brewery is to train young brewers and to provide them with the material they need for their trade. It is an audacious project that Rafael Tigel Gil decided to create in 2018. After forty year in the brewing industry, he decided to share his knowledge with new enthusiasts. If you want to brew a beer for profit or for please, everyone is welcome to Cours du Malt. They also offer workshops about the production of beer. The material they provide is easy in use and allows up to a production of 50 liters of beer. Also, it is possible to buy the materials in the shop if you want to produce your own beer at home. The beers that are produced to sell are without preservatives or food coloring. They are non-filtered and the most of them are re-fermented in the bottle. On Monday, Tuesday and Saturday it is only possible to visit the brewery after making an appointment.

  • Rue de la Petite Guirlande 23
  • 7000 Mons
Breweries in Mons

The Saint-Lazare brewery

Jean-Philippe Mottoul started as an amateur brewer in 2006. Believing in small scale production in order to experiment with different recipes, he became better and better in producing beers. In 2015 a group of afficionados wishing to promote his expertise got together and created the Saint-Lazare Brewery. It is possible to craft your own beer at this brewery and they will help you during each step in the process. From creating the recipe to the final processing in barrels or bottles. Also, they will help you create your own label.

  • Chasse Cambier 4
  • 7000 Mons

La Montoise brewery

There was something missing in the well-renowned town of Mons, a beer with the town’s signature. At least this is what Benoit Garnier, Massimo Falasca and Laurent Wuillot thought. They created a local beer called “La Montoise”. The slogan of the beer is “A beer, an identity”. This beer took a lot of research and was formed after many long discussions to determine the characteristics of a good beer. Nowadays they sell three different local beers that are exclusively for sale in Mons.

  • Marché aux Herbes 27
  • 7000 Mons

Le Brasse-Temps

At Le Brasse-Temps you can discover the secrets of beer production through guided tours. You can taste beers that are unique. They are manufactured on site and served directly from live conditioning tanks. A special trained engineer brewer monitors the entire process to ensure the original recipes are perfectly reproduced. They don’t use any additives in the brewing process. The Bush beer range is founded at this brewery together with many other famous names in the world of beers. In the restaurant you can enjoy meals cooked with beer. Also, they serve hop based cocktails.

  • Imagix, Boulevard André Delvaux 1/2
  • 7000 Mons

Enjoy you stay in our Hotel Congress Mons!