This castle will provide you with a fascinating journey in time. This Renaissance residence was designed by Jacques Du Broeucq. The 12-hectare park and castle are nowadays transformed in an interpretation center. There are not many castles like this one left, so it is definitely worth a visit during your stay in our hotel by Mons train station.

The Castle Boussu is a diamond within the Hainaut heritage. It was built in the 16th century by Du Broeucq on the location of a medieval fortress. It was considered during that time as the prettiest residence in the Netherlands. The property owner was Jean de Hennin-Liétard, a great squire of the Emperor Charles V. During his ownership the Castle Boussu has seen many famous people passing through: Charles V, Philippe II, Louis XIV and Guillaume III are definitely part of this list.

Boussu Castle near Mons

The residency was ravaged by successive wars, but nowadays it is a museum with exhibitions and offers an insight in multiple archaeological items that were found on the site during the excavation in the 80s. The items that are presented in the Castle Boussu will take you back in a journey through time. You can find coins, keys, pottery, cannonballs, musket bullets and toys from the Gallo Roman era until the 20th century showcased on site. The counts of Boussu were very important in the region, so it will give you a look into their way of life, the violent battles they fought to defend their territory and the feasts of the era.

The latest destruction of the Castle Boussu was during the Second World War. The park and castle were blown up on 2 September 1944. The castle almost disappeared during the housing estate in the 80s, but it was saved by Marcel Capouillez. This professor of history and some other residents decided to save this beautiful castle from oblivion, buried under concrete. Nowadays the Castle Boussu also host cultural and festive events.

The beautiful park that surrounds the Castle of Boussu is a perfect place for a stroll around. It was created in the 19th century and has the layout of an English romantic park. The designer was the last count of Boussu, Maurice de Caraman. You can see many birds and insects, also there are beehives that are working, and they produce the best honey of the region. Enjoy your stay at our hotel restaurant in Mons centre!