If you stay in our 4* hotel in Mons centre and you feel like going to an attraction park for one day, then Dock 79 is the place to be. This attraction park offers a great experience for the whole family. They have a trampoline park, tree climbing course, water ski lift, aquapark and catering industry. Everything you need to have an amazing day out with your family.

In 2011 Antoine Marquais was looking for a place to set up his own water ski lift. He discovered a piece of land that was called “Lac des herbières”. This beautiful area with green nature and numerous lakes is unique. Together with Sébastien Dossou they decided to create a water ski lift on one of the lakes that is more then ten hectares. In April 2012 they opened the Belgium Cable Park that was dedicated to wake boarding. In 2014, they decided to open a food truck restaurant onsite where people can enjoy tasty homemade burgers. In 2014 they got the idea to expand the park and they decided to set up a climbing trail. The forest area of the park was the ideal location for this and in April 2015 My Little Forest opened.

Dock 79, Attraction Park Mons

Realizing that their customers were looking for varied activities that are adapted to every age they went on with their development of the park and they created the first water park in Belgium in June 2017. They added the Diving Board. Until 2018 every activity had its own visual identity and got promoted in its own way. This was confusing for the customers so in 2018 they decided to change the name in Dock 79 amusement park and promote the whole park at once.

In Dock 79 amusement park you can find a trampoline park. It has 1000m2 trampolines and they are watched by qualified operators for the safety of the customers. The water ski lift is 10 hectares and offers customers the opportunity to try water skiing, wakeboarding of knee boarding. The tree climbing course consists of five trails in different levels and heights for children and adults. They offer special routes for children under 1.20 meter. In the aquapark called the Diving Board you can climb, jump and slide on a dozen modules and enjoy swimming. At the food truck area you will find tasty burgers and other hot and cold meals. After this great day out you can relax in one of our comfortable rooms in our hotel restaurant in Mons.