If you are looking for a nice daytime activity during your stay in our hotel in Mons city centre, then it is a good idea to visit the Royal Golf Club Hainaut. Golf is a sport that is for every age and it combines health, wellness and nature. It is possible to play for everyone despite their condition, talent or experience. If you are an experienced golfer then you will love to play at the Royal Golf Club Hainaut. But also if you have never played golf in your life before then this is the perfect place to give it a try.

The Royal Golf Club Hainaut was inaugurated in 1933 by the likes of a few passionate golf enthusiasts. It was build on the land of the Princes of Croÿ, in the town of Jurbise, a few kilometers from Mons. The Golf Club is located in the middle of moors and broom, on sandy soil. It was designed by Tom Simpson, one of the best English architects at that time. The original course included 9 holes, nowadays there are 3 loops with 9 holes. All of the courses have different designs, but always in the spirit of wooded English golf. This allows you to choose between different play options, in line with Simpson’s finest courses. The Royal Golf Club Hainaut is managed by non-profit organizations. This assures players that everything is done to make sure they enjoy themselves and their comfort and that the quality of the land and its infrastructures is in optimal condition.

Royal Golf Club Hainaut - Mons Blog

At the Royal Gold Club Hainaut, you can experience golf for the first time or enjoy a more complicated course if you are passionate. It is also possible for children from the age of 5 or 6 years and older to play. Choose your best golf partner and enjoy a moment in nature, just check the weather forecast before going, Belgium can be rainy! One route is around 7 to 10 kilometers long and depending on the season you will see a different vegetation around you. Don’t forget your scorecard to keep track of your performances. Enjoy one of the most practiced sport in a family-friendly environment at the Royal Gold Club Hainaut. Discover our hotel with golf package in Mons and enjoy our unique offer.