When staying at our 4* hotel by Mons train station, you will have the opportunity to gain some wonderful insights into one of the world’s most famous battles by visiting the Mémorial Waterloo 1815 in Mons. With an array of activities to keep you occupied throughout the day, Memorial Waterloo 1825 hosts visitors 7 days a week. Ensure you strap on your most comfortable footwear for this awesome tour.

Here you will be able to witness Napoleon Bonaparte’s defeat in the battle of Waterloo. The battle of Waterloo is famous and ingrained in history since it brought an end to the Napoleonic wars. On Sunday, 18 June 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte and his French army were defeated by two armies of the Seventh Coalition. The coalition armies were a British led army consisting of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Hanover, Brunswick, Nassau, and the Prussian army. Those military powers were under the command of the Duke of Wellington and Field Marshal von Blücher.

The memorial is a great reminder of a time when there was much instability in the world. It comprises 4 points of interest. First off, you can explore the history of this famous battle through uniforms, historical artifacts, and others.

Secondly, discover the famous painting from 1912 that is 110 meters long and 12 meters high. The painting depicts a reconstruction of the various scenes during the battle in 1815. Feel as if you are part of all the action while taking in this breathtaking painting that provides a 3D-like perspective and sound effects for the complete experience.

Mémorial Waterloo 1815, Mons - Mons Blog

Thirdly, challenge yourself and climb the 226 steps up to Lion’s Mound that is strategically placed in the centre. A lion sculpture proudly watches out the hill’s peak giving you a panoramic view of the historical battlefield of Waterloo once you’re at the summit. It is said that this was where the Prince of Orange got injured on that historic day in 1815.

Last but not least is the Hougoumont Farm which is a short distance from the memorial. This iconic location restored in 2015 played an important role as one of the most advanced defensible positions of the Anglo-allied army. The farm is certainly the best-preserved site when it comes to how it looked in the aftermath of the battle. The site features a magnificent 15 minutes multimedia show by Luc Petit. The show brings together memories and innovation that gives you a look at the “the battle within the battle.” Usually, during the tourist season, there is a shuttle bus that can take you there free of charge.

In a nutshell, as much as you will enjoy your stay at our hotel restaurant in Mons centre, head out there and explore. Plan your day tour to Mémorial Waterloo 1815 in Mons. take advantage of this multifaceted tour that places you in the heart of the battle with loads of memorabilia and special effects. Discover the rich history of Europe so you can gain and share the knowledge with your friends and family back home.