The François Duesberg Museum is one of Mons most famous art galleries that is single-handedly responsible for attracting thousands of tourists from around the world. There are also a few other art galleries that exist in and around Mons which too draw art enthusiasts to the popular Belgian city. While staying at our hotel by Mons train station and searching for an activity to spend the day away, here are a few art tours in Mons that you’re bound to enjoy.

François Duesberg Museum

Founded by François Duesberg and his wife, the François Duesberg Museum is devoted to the Neo-classical arts during the period of 1975 dating back to 1825. It is famous for its prestigious clock collection which is one of the largest in the world. It also houses an exceptional collection of antique jeweler, pottery, and other rare decorative items.

Galerie du Pistolet d’Or

Galerie du Pistolet d’Or which translates to “The Gallery of the Golden Gun” specialize in artworks by Belgian and French artists of the 19th and 20th century. The name Galerie du Pistolet d’Or was derived from an armory built in 1711 called “Au Pistolet d’Or”. The gallery also exhibits the work of local artists. Outfitted with a glass case in front of the Mons public library, any adventurous visual artist is challenged to come up with a remarkable idea. If successful, you can then have your work displayed in the experimental micro art gallery.

TRE-A Galerie

TRE-A Galerie’s mission statement incorporates a sense of inclusiveness. Therefore, this private gallery is open to receiving new and regular visitors. Explore today’s art movements through an examination of older pieces with their collection of contemporary art. The gallery aims to exhibit all forms of contemporary art from the 20th century to those of today

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Anciens Abattoirs

In an unexpected twist of what you’d find in abattoirs, the Anciens Abattoirs has been transformed into a heritage place for contemporary plastic art. After renovations, the building opened to the public in 2006 and is devoted to hosting temporary exhibitions as well as events throughout the year.

The white-washed 70 meters long and 10 meters wide walls of the Grand Halle are blessed with ample natural light which provides the perfect conditions for displaying modern art. We are only reminded of the bloody nature of abattoirs with names such as L’Etable (The Stable) and le Frigo (The Fridge). The Stable houses the World Craft Council Belgique Francophone which is dedicated to the applied arts and crafts while the Fridge is made up of a catering area and a multipurpose space for the digital and sound cultures.


Nestled in the centre of Mons lies a little church with a new concept on the ground floor: an art gallery where you can visit the exhibition, have a drink at the bar and interact with exhibiting artists. New and experienced artists have a space ready to display their innovative works in a place that is relaxed and friendly. The bar serves many speciality beers and awesome wines similar to those at our hotel restaurant in Mons centre. Events such as jazz concerts as well as wine tasting take place in this Gothic Revival Chapel from the 19th century.