At the end of August / beginning of September there is a commemoration in Mons. It is an one of a kind experience and unique in the world. Tanks in Town celebrates the liberation of Mons in 1944 during the Second World War. There will be a procession of WWII operational tanks and military vehicles. These vehicles will follow the tracks of the American armored convoy that drove through the city at the end of the war. You will see many military vehicles and tanks like Shermans, Chaffees, Pershings, Tank Destroyers, Half Tracks, armored cars, jeeps and lorries. They will drive through the historical center of Mons and gather on the Grand Place so you can have a closer look at them. Enjoy your stay in our 4* hotel in Mons centre.

Mons was one of the first cities to be liberated in Belgium during the Second World War. The city was liberated by the 83rd Reconnaissance Battalion of the 3rd U.S. Armored Division ‘Spearhead’. Tanks in Town is a series of events to commemorate this powerful moment in history for Mons. The Grand Place turns into an open air museum with dozens of tanks and military vehicles on display, including armored vehicles and tanks from the War Heritage Institute. One of the tanks that will be on display is the first tank that roam into Mons for its liberation. After the Second World War Mons has sent an official letter to the 3rd Armored Division for the returning of this tank, a Stuart tank. In 1946 the tank returned to Mons.

Tank in Mons 2020 - Mons Blog

Except for the display of tanks and armored vehicles you can also book a ride in an operational tank. Other main events include an international militaria flea market on Route de Wallonia, a Period Military Camp, a display of amphibious vehicles, static shows, a parade and more. There will be an Authentic Liberation Ball complete with paper lantern and music in an American atmosphere. If you didn’t got enough from the events in Mons then it is possible to go to the battlefields in the Ardennes where the Battle of the Bulge took place in 1944. You can see the foxholes and museums around Bastogne. You can get a closer at the role that the US Airborne forces played in the Ardennes during 1944. After this exciting day you can relax in our hotel restaurant in Mons.