The Mine Museum Bois de Luc is an interesting reminder of the industrial age. It is an authentic mining site and village from one of the oldest coal companies in Europe. It is possible to visit the site at night. Bois du Luc is classified as an exceptional Wallonia heritage and an Unesco World Heritage site since 2012. Enjoy your stay at our hotel restaurant in Mons centre!

The mine company, Société des Charbonnages du Bois-du-Luc, was notable because of the exceptionally long existence and activity in the industrial landscape. They operated between 1685 and 1973. Bois du Luc is an all-inclusive mining village that exists since the end of the 19th century. In the mining village the workers could eat, there was a grocery store, butcher and a brewery. Also, they could receive care at the hospital or relax at the party hall, park, kiosk and there was a range of leisure activities available for the employees. The children could go to school or visit the library and there was also a church on site, the Sainte Barbechurch.

Bois-du-Luc a UNESCO mining site - Mons Blog

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There were many foreign workers from different countries like Italy, Maghreb, Turkey, Spain, Greece and Poland. They local community was called the ‘black faces’. You can visit on the site the original workspaces, the offices, workshops and the Saint Emmanuel quarry. Also, it is possible to visit the living areas. You can visit the public buildings and the residences of the workers.

There are four major mining sites in Wallonia that have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2012. Together these sites encompass all aspects of the industrial mining era. You find the origin of the coal mines, the living and working conditions of the workers, their migration patterns and cultural background, the social struggles and relationship they had with the director of the sites, the technological progress and so on. It is a unique view that has an exceptional and universal value. The other sites are Le Grand Hornu, Le Bois du Cazier and the Blegny mine. It is possible to buy a ticket with a discount to visit all four mining sites. After your tour around the mining sites you can relax at our hotel in Mons city centre.