Many people enjoy the amenities and benefits during their stay in our hotel in Mons city centre, but there are also those who love to travel to the past and visit the castles of ancient ages. They say that time machines do not exist, but we are sure that there are places that take you back in time where princes and damsels rode the streets in their carriages.

Many people visit these places every year, marked by a time when nobility and elegance were the guidelines to follow. There are many options but without a doubt Trazegnies Castle holds a great legacy of stories that deserve to be revived.

Trazegnies Castle is an emblematic building full of history and the cradle of one of the most illustrious families in Europe. Trazegnies was a powerful seigneurie that stood on the borders of the former Duchy of Bramante, the County of Hainaut and the Prince-Bishopric of Liège. The original castle was built by Gilles I in the 11th century and although it was looted and almost completely destroyed by the forces of Henry II of France during the Italian War of 1551-1559, it was rebuilt at the end of the 16th century by the Marquis of Trazegnies Charles II.

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After the extinction of the Trazegnies dynasty, the castle was sold to a coal mine which divided the lands where it was built leaving the castle in the care of the Belgian state. After years of mining activity in the surrounding area, by 1926 the castle was severely damaged by the subsidence of the land as a result of underground mining. Although it was nearly destroyed, a civil association called “The Friends of Trazegnies Castle” managed to start a gradual restoration program turning the castle into a museum.

Declared a historical monument in 1950, it is considered one of the most important museums in Wallonia as it shows “The life and work of the ancestors” that were part of its construction and development. Due to security measures, only guided tours in the castle are allowed and during specific dates. The Trazegnies Castle is an emblematic place to visit during your stay in our hotel restaurant in Mons centre.