Make sure that you visit the Royal Museum of Mariemont when staying at the boutique hotel in Mons centre, which is a grand experience within itself. Enjoy the rich collection gathered by industrialist Raoul Warocqué. The hotel by Mons train station gives you an opportunity to visit this wonderful Museum due to the location.

The Royal Museum of Mariemont is set up in a splendid park area. The original building that housed the Museum was destroyed by fire in 1960. The current building was built by the Belgian architect Roger Bastin. The Museum opened in 1975 and features the personal collection of art and antiquities of Raoul Warocqué.

The park dates back to the 16th century and now offers a fantastic blend of nature and monumental sculptures. It is also part of the Walloon park and gardens of exception(peaceful green spaces). The estate is now considered the Hainaut region’s largest arboretum.
Raoul Warocqué devoted most of his fortune to acquiring artwork. Due to his time in the extreme east, in China and Japan Raoul acquired a great number of antiques and brought it back with him. This is why you can find the China and Japan collection side by side with Egypt, Greece, ancient Rome. Together they give you the finest collection of Tournai porcelain.

Royal Museum of Mariemont - Mons Blog

Think of it as the most perfect tea shop in the West. The Museum regularly hosts temporary exhibitions and activities, workshops, and guided tours for individuals and groups. Tea lovers may just be lucky if they visit when they host a tea party. If not, you can always enjoy a cup of tea at the hotel and spa in Mons.

The collections range from prehistoric to modern times via Gallo-roman and Merovingian civilizations. They pay tribute to the region and its past. You can find many rare books, artworks, and statues. One statue that stands out is the monumental statue of Cleopatra which is three meters and weighs five tons. Another is one of the original casts of Auguste Rodin’s sculpture The Burghers of Calais.

The park along with the building that houses this collection presents an exceptional atmosphere. It is safe to say it is one of the finest museums in Wallonia bringing together nature, art, and history. Much like the hotel in Mons city centre it gives you a feeling of peace and tranquility.
Today, the Royal Museum of Mariemont continues the work of Raoul Warocqué by studying, developing, and enriching the collection. In 2012 the museum was expanded to accommodate a Pre-Colombian art collection by Yves and Yolande Boël.