Visit the Seneffe castle when you stay at our 4* hotel in Mons centre. Seneffe Castle is a masterpiece of classic architecture with a beautiful grey stone exterior. It was built sometime between 1763 and 1768 and features an orangery, a Neoclassical theater, an aviary and gardens. It holds the most beautiful collection of silverware you can find anywhere in Europe with over 500 pieces. The 22 hectares estate courtyard is lined with plaster statues of Roman figures and classical columns made from grey stone. Easily access Seneffe Castle from our hotel by Mons train station.

In 1758, Julien Depestre ordered the castle built due to his new status as a wealthy and influential individual with noble titles such as ‘Seigneur de Seneffe’ (Lord of Seneffe) and ‘Count of Turnhout. Depestre was a merchant who earned a fortune by selling goods to the Imperial Austrian troops stationed in the Austrian Netherlands. The castle is designed by renowned architect, Laurent-Benoît Dewez.

After the French Revolution, the castle and its contents were all confiscated. In 1804, it was back in the hands of the Despestre family. In 1837, Despestre’s son sold the castle which was bought by the Daminet family. Baron Goffinet later acquired it in 1888. The last private owner to acquire the castle was Belgian banker of Jewish origin, Franz Philipson in 1909.

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In 1940, the castle was confiscated once again but this time by the Germans, who used it as a local headquarters in WWII. After the liberation of Belgium, the castle was occupied by the US Army. In 1953, the “Collège du Sacré Coeur” acquired it from the Philippson heirs and used it as a school between 1952 and 1963.

The Seneffe Castle was then left abandoned for 7 years, it was then the Belgian decided to purchase it. The silverware collection was given to the French community in Belgium under one condition. The condition was that it had to be displayed at the Seneffe castle.

This multisensory tour allows you to immerse yourself and take you back to the 18th century with video projections. The video projection makes it look like you are entering a period painting through a secret door. The permanent exhibition, Faste et intimité (Splendour and intimacy), the silverware collection is set up in a way so that you can understand how they were used.

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