Beer lovers rejoice when you stay at our hotel in Mons city centre. Belgium is famous for its beers and the brewing industry in this country dates back to the 12th century. Currently, there are said to be approximately 224 active breweries in the country. From our hotel by Mons train station, you can go on several brewery tours around Mons.

Abbaye De St. Ghislain Brewery

Jean-Marc Carpenier decided to create his brand in 2014 after being an amateur brewer for over 20 years. Abbaye De St. Ghislain Brewery is located in the small village of Hautrage, within the entity of Saint-Ghislain. The brewery brews a total of 5 beers that are all re-fermented in bottles and non-filtered giving each their own distinct flavor.

Brasserie Deseveaux at Boussu

Known as the brewery with original wheat, the Brasserie Deseveaux can be found in the municipality of Boussu in the province of Hainaut. The brewery is family-owned and runs on a two-centuries-old farm. Sébastien Deseveaux, bought the farm with only one thing in mind, to create new flavors of beers. The beers are brewed using all-natural ingredients and refermented following the process of craft beers. The tour is done by the master himself on the first Sunday of every month. The best part of the tour is when it is over and you get to participate in a tasting session.

Brewery Tour around Mons - Hotel Mons Blog

Brasserie La Binchoise

Brasserie La Binchoiseis found at the foot of the Binche city walls. The brewery is housed in historic maltings that had seen many brewers and malters alike since the 1800s. The tour unravels all the secrets to the brewing process. It starts with the milling of the malt and ends with the re-fermentation in the bottle. The entire process takes about 9 steps which you can bear witness to during the tour. The tour includes a tasting both before and after the visit.

Brasserie Hoppy in Soignies

Brasserie Hoppy is a microbrewery located in Soignies. It was founded by two friends who are passionate about craft beers. The microbrewery pushed out their first brew in 2016. Their signature beer is the Hoppy Impérial, a triple lager with a smooth blend of bitterness, citrus, and exotic fruit. They also produce some dark and amber beers as well. Guided tours are done by appointment only where you can purchase and take a few bottles back to the hotel in Mons centre.

Brasserie de Blaugies in Dour

Brasserie de Blaugies in Dour is a small family craft brewery that has been in existence since 1988. The beers are all unfiltered and refermented in bottles or barrels on yeast. Visits are done by appointment where you can learn more about the brewing process, have a taste.

Now that you are well versed in the art of beer making, it is time to crack a seal and enjoy while you relax at our hotel restaurant in Mons centre.