Experience the joys of Christmas in a whole new way when you stay at our 4* hotel in Mons centre. Discover the many traditions and open up your eyes to a whole new world. Christmas is said to be one of the most celebrated holidays in Belgium and as such, the people ensure that this time of year is filled with loads of holiday cheer. Let us dive right into how Christmas is celebrated in Mons.

Sinterklaas Celebration

Unlike the rest of the world that believes in Santa Claus, Belgians kids do not. This due to an old tradition that dates back all the way to the third century. It is believed that Sinterklass is who inspired the idea of Santa Claus and the way he looks.

Sinterklaas was known to be an older man with white hair and a long beard usually garbed in a traditional bishop’s outfit. It is said that the legendary figure was based on Saint Nicholas, patron saint of children. Sinterklaas outfit included a long red cape, white lab, red mitre, white gloves, and ruby ring. He was said to be riding his white horse carrying a red book with the names of all the children and their behaviour over the past year.

The Sinterklaas celebration takes place on the 6 of December and is primarily a children’s feast. The kids are known for leaving out carrots for Sinterklass horse and wake up to lots of gifts and sweets. A special biscuit called speculoos is baked around this time. Although it’s mostly for kids, this biscuit with spices just like gingerbread pairs well with a hot cup of coffee.

Christmas in Mons - Hotel Mons Blog

Adults usually spend the day with relatives, exchange gifts and enjoy a 3-course meal with a traditional Christmas dessert, Yule log. The dessert is basically a sponge cake covered in chocolate buttercream and resembles a wooden log.

Christmas Market

There is no better place to be than the Christmas Market during Christmas in Mons. The hotel by Mons train station allows you to have access to this charming pop-up Christmas market.

Mons Grand Place transforms during this time of year and the Christmas market( Mons Coeur de Neige) takes place. It attracts over 400,000 people and offers a wide array of sights to behold and activities. Mons Coeur de Neige features decorated food stalls or chalets, gift stalls, all kinds of fun attractions and events. You can find an ice skating rink, stall with live animals, Santa’s village or music concerts. Mons Coeur de Neige is opened to everyone so be sure you check it out!

Enjoy all the activities at Christmas time that the wonderful city of Mons offer. Meanwhile, you can rest easy knowing that our hotel in Mons centre puts you in the middle of it all.