A trip to Mons should include tours to some of the best museums in the area. Spending time in this culture-rich city gives you a chance to dive into its past. When visiting Mons, comfort should be your number one priority. Staying at our hotel in Mons centre will ensure you are comfortable after exploring this beautiful city. Our hotel by Mons train station also allows you to get to these museums easily.

Francois Duesberg Museum

The Francois Duesberg Museum is an art museum that houses a large collection of decorative arts dating from 1775 to 1825. The collection includes objects, all in a pristine condition such as clocks, gilded French bronzes, porcelain, pottery, jewellery and other items. The Museum opened on the 21st September 1994 and is based on the collection from François Duesberg and his wife Betty. It is housed in the former buildings of the National Bank of Belgium and can be found opposite the collegiate Saint Waltrude Church.

Mons Memorial Museum

Mons Memorial Museum exposes you to the complexity of war and gives you an insight into two world wars that had turned the 20th century on its head. The permanent exhibition displays military history of Mons during the period from the middle ages to the 20th century. The collection of thought-provoking items on display will leave you with many questions. However, those questions may be answered through the personal testimony of soldiers and civilians of what and how life was during those periods with letters, notebooks and interviews.

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Memorial Waterloo 1815

Commemorating on the world’s most famous battle, Memorial Waterloo 1815 is a must-visit on your trip to Mons. Here you will bear witness to the site of Napoleon Bonaparte’s defeat. A lion sculpture in the centre of the grounds proudly watches over the hill’s peak and a climb to the top gives you a great view of the entire battlefield. The tour consists of video presentations that give you the history behind Napoleon’s war.

Doudou Museum

The Doudou Museum puts you right in the heart of the battle between Saint George against the Dragon. The museum puts you somewhere between reality and the imaginary with the originality of the Ducasse de Mons festival. This festival was recognised by UNESCO in 2005 and sees locals reenacting the battle and the climb of the Car d’Or among other activities. The Doudou Museum provides an interactive experience that allows visitors to fully understand every aspect of this exceptional local heritage.

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