If you are at a loss on how to spend Valentine’s day in Mons, a good option is to come by our romantic hotel in Mons center. Our hotel by Mons train station is always abuzz with activities to ensure you and your special someone is well taken care of.

Aside from spending time at our 4* hotel in Mons centre, there are a few other places that you can visit and things to do in the area. Valentine’s day always means there are chocolates involved and what better way to spend the day than indulging in some rich Belgian chocolate. Since you are in a country best known for some of the best chocolatiers, it is only right that you indulge in some of their famous creations.

Look around for chocolate factories or bakeries that offer tours so you can have a first-hand look at how their chocolates and treats are made. Check to see if they offer a class that will give you a chance to make your very own chocolate treats to present to your love. If uncertain about making personal creations then grab some delectable chocolates and treats including the famous Pavés Montois pralines from many bakeries in the area.

On the other hand, Mons is a city rich in history and consists of many historical locations that can be visited for a day of learning. The surrounding area consists of a few castles such as the Seneffe Castle. The Seneffe Castle is a 22 hectares estate with a courtyard that is lined with plaster statues of Roman figures and classical columns made from grey stone. It is the perfect setting for a romantic day out. After all, every classic fairy tale involves a beautiful castle.

Apart from castles, there are a few museums like the Natural History Museum and the Royal Museum of Mariemont (Musee Royal de Mariemont). The Natural History Museum features a large collection of stuffed animals, fossils, herbarium, and others to give you an insight into every animal and the way they lived in a specific era.

Meanwhile, the Musee Royal de Mariemont is housed in a splendid park area that offers a fantastic blend of nature and monumental sculptures. Considered the Hainaut region’s largest arboretum, it is one of the most peaceful green spaces in the area. The collection within the Museum includes artworks and one of the finest collections of Tournai porcelain anywhere in the world.

Next on the list can be a visit to El Catiau, the most famous landmark in Mons. It stands on the former castle hill above the town and is a UNESCO-World-Heritage site. Although the climb to the top is quite a task, the views from the top are breathtaking.

There is no shortage of activities to dive into on Valentine’s Day in Mons. Our hotel in Mons centre is always here should your plans fall short of impressing your date. Let us help you make the day when love is celebrated, memorable.