If you are on an excursion to Binche and are looking for a distinctive masked festival full of traditions and rituals, you must pay a visit to the International Museum of Carnival and Mask. Your pleasant stay at our hotel in Mons center would make it more convenient for you to get to the Museum and conspicuous places easily. Further, our hotel by Mons train station also offers the luxurious accommodation of a high living scale at affordable rates that are quite close to one of the landmarks Binche Train Station.

In point of fact, the International Museum in Binche is exceptionally unprecedented in many ways. Undoubtedly, it would be a priceless opportunity for you to witness and observe such a worldwide recognized and unique Museum possessing phenomenal collections of ethnographic pieces.

More importantly, the International Museum of Carnival and Mask provides a good opportunity for the tourists to undergo an expedition across the five continents by coming upon the museum’s section “ the Masks from all over the world”. It is indeed a magnificent opportunity to see these things. If you miss it, you miss the lifetime opportunity. We strongly recommend you plan your trip in such a manner so you could also participate in its exhibitions orchestrated yearly. During the exhibition, you would be provided with a remarkable facility to browse various topics and mixing conventional as well as contemporary approaches.

International Museum of Carnival and Mask - Hotel Mons Blog

Moreover, if you are inquisitive to comprehend the origin of humanity concerning social, cultural, and behavioral aspects, then you are lucky enough at this museum. As a matter of fact, this International Museum has got incomparable research-based collections as regards ethnology and anthropology. Thus, you can have thorough insights having immersed in this research-based professional work.

In addition to the section of “the Masks from all over the World”, there is a separate section devoted particularly to the Interpretation center wherein you can get an opportunity to unearth the history of unique traditions recognized by UNESCO.

Besides these two important sections, there is a Museum shop inside the main building. You can find many things like a special book, a souvenir or any gift for your friend and family. If you are looking for particular books about ethology, anthropology or searching children’s books, games gadgets, etc, you can get them from the Museum shop easily.

The International Carnival and Mask Museum have resumed its activities recently thereby opening the main sections including the interpretation center on the carnival of Binche, ABELAM-facing the stars, Masks from all over the world, and carnivals and folklore of Wallonia. If you are already en route to Binche, Belgium or planning to tour, you better avail yourself services of our 4* hotel in Mons centre and don’t ever miss the opportunity of visiting the international carnival and Mask Museum because these days you can find permanent exhibitions as well as temporary ones. In this regard, you can also avail of the services of hotel restaurant in Mons if you’d like to relax before or after you visit the international museum of carnival and mask.