If you are making a plan and devising an itinerary touring Belgium and its neighborhood, Bonne-Esperance is worthwhile to be a part of your trip.

Moreover, you would discover the historical and religious sites, especially the 19th-century gardens. Besides, there is a long list of events, attractions, and amazing places in Bonne-Esperance Abbey and its proximity.

You would be experiencing a host of tantalizing things to be around there on your excursion. Your stay at our hotel in Mons Center would facilitate you to get to many good places in no time.

Furthermore, the hotel would help provide an excellent upscale and relaxing atmosphere whereby you would get reinvigorated.

If you start your tour by visiting the countryside of Hainaut, hardly a few kilometers from Binche, you will reach Bonne-Esperance witnessing and enjoying the beautiful sights of colorful villages on the way.

Having got there, you can not refrain from enjoying an excellent Bonne Esperance harvest fair. This terrific and huge harvest fair is systematized in a well-organized manner in the former abbey.

You will get allured by this place due to its stunning site. If you crave a village life and want to observe it to the fullest, you must earmark a considerable time for enjoying every activity of the fair harvest program of Bonne Esperance.

The Harvest Fair program entails tractor exhibitions, Artisan village, traditional harvest, Horse competition, Fanfare, and glowing and colorful exhibition. I am damn sure you are going to get amused by these vibrant events at the Bonne Esperance harvest fair.

Visit the Bonne-Espérance Abbey in Wallonia - Hotel Mons Blog

Having visited and experienced, you will need some break to refresh yourself. In this respect, our hotel restaurant in Mons is a good choice due to its peaceful environment. You can stay and get revitalized in this relaxing place.

Thenceforth, it would be best if you got ready to proceed to further your excursion ahead, particularly Binche. A realistic camp is orchestrated in the communal garden of the city, where you will enjoy a wide range of events such as Axe throwing, artillery fire, knights fights, weaving, and a big craft market worth visiting.

Besides these superb activities, your trip to this city will provide a host of other attractive and alluring pursuits full of recreation.

Having come across these activities, you will never stop yourself enjoying them. You would join the torchlit procession awash with plenty of lighting of bonfires, tossing torches, and many more.

Moreover, there will be a little special train tour taking you people around the city with commentators apprising the history of the most monumental places. Having had such an informative and joyful train tour, you should mingle with Saint-Ursmers procession. You would find participants of the procession in distinct period costumes. On the way back to our hotel by Mons train station, it would be nice to roam around Brocante des Remparts, a flea market in Binche.

Taking rest, you better move to the Binche Belfry, an attractive monument and recognized as the Architectural heritage. As a matter of fact, the town hall was constructed in the 14th century; however, its glory came with the major restoration and renovation works in 1901, thereby it regained its Renaissance outlook.

Furthermore, the Carnival de Binche is one of the most famous carnivals of Belgium that are arranged, entailing several musical parades and fireworks. This festivity is regarded as a part of the World’s cultural heritage by UNESCO in addition to its well-known Gilles.

After a day out and a hectic scheduled excursion, you can stay at our hotel in Mons center due to its relaxing and comfortable environment.