Mons is home to scores of cultural and scientific foundations, entities, and a host of alluring Museums in addition to landmark structures, historical buildings, tantalizing festivals.

On the eve of Easter, Mons gets worth visiting owing to a large number of religious and traditional events celebrated strongly and passionately everywhere in the city and neighborhood.

Moreover, it stands between two well-known rivers La Trouille and Haine. Your stay at our hotel in Mons centre that offers a lot of good upscale facilities. It is also nearby the main places of Mons.

If you have made your mind to tour Belgium and other parts of Europe, you must add Mons to your itinerary because it offers a host of enticing Easter celebrations.

If you are curious to know about the history of society in Mind particularly, and Belgium in general, museums can provide a great deal of information thereof.

Mons has many such museums, including the Mons Memorial Museum, the Silex Museum, the Artotheque Museum, and the Francois Duesberg Museum. Your lodging at our family hotel in Mons will enable you to get to these museums in no time.

You can acquire considerable information about the war histories as regards the Mons region of Belgium, known as the hub of wars. Having visited these famous museums in Mons, you would become well aware of the history of Belgium.

After the hectic day out at the previously mentioned museums, you should go back to our 4* hotel in Mons to reinvigorate yourself. Moreover, it is nearer to the important location of Doudou Mons, also called the Ducasse de Mons.

Easter in Mons - Hotel Mons Blog

It is indeed a very good opportunity for you to witness such a popular festival that takes place every year on Trinity Sunday in Mons. It is proclaimed by UNESCO as a masterwork of the oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Being at this renowned festival, you will see the Procession, descent, and ascent of Waltrude’s shrine. Besides, this fest also includes the battle of Saint George and the dragon.

Moreover, the ascension of the Golden Coach is an incredible display. As a matter of fact, people of Mons believe that the Golden Coach must rise to the slope without any interruptions to avert any adversity on Mons in the coming year. You would get mesmerized by spectacular scenes of the wonderful festival.

Having looked around the famous festival of the Ducasse de Mons, it is time to take some rest before embarking on the trip to Churches and Cathedrals of Mons in Easter time. In this regard, you better relax at a hotel by Mons train station due to its proximity to a number of significant churches and cathedrals.

After taking a rest at our hotel by Mons train station, you should start out the trip to Collegiale Sainte Waudru, one of the splendid buildings of Mons. You would come across impressive remains of Sainte Waudru herself.

It is a protected monument. During Easter, it is decorated beautifully; especially its exterior showcasing Brabant Gothic architecture.

After Waudru’s visit must proceed to Eglise Notre-Dame de Messines, a worth visiting place in Mons.

If you can prolong your trip in Mons, you must include the Strepy-Thieu Boatlift, Van Gogh’s house, Mundaneum in your itinerary.