If you tour Mons, Belgium never misses a masterpiece of the intangible and oral inheritance of humanity. Your itinerary must include a visit to Ducasse de Mons to discover the historical festival awash with numerous activities. You can start your tour by visiting this popular carnival.

Before embarking upon the tour, you should decide to stay at the hotel by Mons Train station, a nice place with upscale facilities. Furthermore, you need to chalk out your tour program, keeping in mind the Trinity Sunday. In fact, this festival happens on the first Sunday after fifty-seven days of Easter. This festival dates back to the Middle Ages.

If you are curious about history and actual facts in respect of the Ducasse, you can trace it back. In the 14th century, the city confronted the plague, and the then authorities orchestrated a procession thereof with the holy place of Waltraud. Subsequently, the plague vanished whereupon the procession. Hence, this was decided on Trinity Sunday in this respect in 1352.

Moreover, the support of Saint George also appeared after 1380, especially in respect of valor shown by St. George against Dragon. Being well informed about the Ducasse and its events, you would enjoy it even more.

Having taken rest, you can begin your tour by taking part in the procession. The popular festival lasts a week, replete with jubilation, excitement, and phenomenal activities.

You can make your plan according to the schedule of the feast that comprises a couple of significant parts. These important parts entail procession, an uprising of Waltrude’s shrine Ascension, descent, and the fighting between St. George and the evil dragon. This combat between the two is called Lumen.

At the very outset, the ritual of the Descent in respect of St.waltrude’s shrine takes place that is indeed worth seeing. However, you will have to see this prior to its placement on the Golden Coach. This happens on Saturday. While experiencing this ceremony, you would hear the official anthem “Air Du Doudou.”

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Having a hectic day out, you should stay at our hotel in Mons center that is quite conducive to providing standard facilities. The very next day, you can participate in the procession in respect of the Golden Coach. This happens on Trinity Sunday, after 57 days of Easter. This is followed by the famous combat between the Dragon and St. George. This will help you know the history of Mons by means of crafts, guilds, and its brotherhood.

Moreover, you will also unearth St. Waltrude’s canonesses during this part of the festival. On the same day, you can see the incredible performances there. The activity of ascension is carried out with the concept of good fortune. People believe that if the Golden Coach will not go up without any interruptions and problems, there could be harmful consequences thereof and may lead to misfortune on Mons.

Thenceforth, you can witness the fight between St. George and the evil dragon, indeed a great show. Afterward, you can stay at our hotel restaurant in Mons center, a magnificent place with upscale amenities.

Your tour should not end with the festival, because there are a few more important and related attractions worth touring. You must see Saint Waltrude Collegiate church, a preserved monument. It is a catholic church named after Saint Waltrude.

As you arrive there, you would find an outstanding exterior, an embodiment of Brabant Gothic architecture. This was constructed by Matheus de Layens, an architect. As you proceed and enter the church’s inside, you would discover significant artworks such as paintings by de Vriendt, Otto Venous, Theodor Van, and sculptures by Jacques Broeucq.

Having a day out, you will need to respite, and our hotel and spa in Mons would be a good choice being an appropriate place with many facilities.