People who are voracious in exploring culture, traditional and historical places must plan to tour Mons, Belgium. Because there are a lot of landmarks and ancient structures, buildings, museums, carnivals, and a bundle of other attractions making the city worth touring.

If you intend to visit Belgium, do not miss a trip to Mons situated between the two famous rivers of Trouille and Haine. Moreover, you would also be able to access Paris and Brussels quite quickly due to Its proximity to these cities. Our hotel by Mons train station is ideally located for your stay before starting out the tour. You can access a host of magnificent places from there.

It would be a prudent approach to make a list of top attractions in Mons before embarking upon the countless attractions like City Hall, the festival of lumen, decorative arts museum Francois Duesberg, Beloeil Park, Binche La Louviere, the Belfry of Mons, the Church of Sainte-Waudru, etc.

The City Hall is a Grand Place in the center of Mons. It is also known as the Hotel de Ville. The Hall is surrounded by ostentatiously embellished the chapel of St George, and Toison D’ Or House. As you get there, you would be welcomed by a beautiful facade designed by Matthews de Layens in the 15th century. If you go across the courtyard, you will find a garden that has a fountain showcasing a Raif of Mons.

Many local people believe that the sculpture of a monkey at the city hall is a sign of good fortune. As you proceed, you would see the Grand-places de Mons, a vibrant city center that is a very nice place to spend your afternoon. Moreover, there is a horse-drawn rides facility whereby tourists enjoy different things in its Square.

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Thenceforth, you can take a rest at our hotel and spa in Mons which would provide a relaxed and calm atmosphere having respite and traditional food you better to visit the festival of Le Lumecon, organized after Easter. This is a unique festival that lasts for eight- days.

You will enjoy this distinct festival where you would find people carrying a long dragon, known as Doudou. You can participate and walk in this Procession. As soon as this procession reaches the Grand Place, the participants perform an act concerning a fight between the evil dragon and St. George. Eventually, St. George is proclaimed the winner, and subsequently, the dead dragon is carried to the City Hall.

In order to have a rest after a day out, you can make a good coffee at our hotel restaurant in Mons center. Getting fresh and reinvigorated, you should go to Decorative Arts Museum Francois Duesberg, a place replete with a huge collection concerning French aristocracy. You would see a host of distinctive things such as ornamental clocks and exceptional timepieces.

On the way back to our hotel in Mons center, you can visit Beloeil Park, a large number of hedged gardens. Moreover, there is a lake called Le Grand Piece where you would find many pools. A beautiful evening can be spent there.

Besides, you must include a few attractions located in The neighborhood of Mons. In this regard, Binche is one of the best places and worth visiting. This is located between Mons and Charleroi, quite adjacent to the French border. This is the only place in Belgium that has sufficient amounts of Its medieval embankment unharmed.

Thereafter, you can tour la Louviere that is hardly a few kilometers away from Binche. This is renowned owing to its industrial archaeology. I am damn sure that your trip to Mind would be unforgettable because of its unrivaled and unprecedented attractions. You would gain invaluable information as regards the culture, traditions, history, and exceptional architecture.