Belgium is a beautiful country for tourism. It is particularly well-known for its hiking and biking facilities. People from all around the world travel to Belgium and flock to Mons every year to experience how great it is to bike in Mons.

If you are planning to tour Belgium, it would be good enough to include Mons in your itinerary to enjoy such wonderful exposure to biking. In this regard, you would have plenty of options to stay in a number of high scale hotels, but we would recommend the hotel restaurant in Mons centre owing to its comfortable environment and suitable location quite in the proximity of a lot of attractions in the Mons.

Cycling and Biking in Mons is one of the most adventurous experiences you can ever have. There are tons of biking and cycling routes that you can tour. The huge variety of routes is what makes Mons perfect for bike tours.

Here are some of the cycling routes in Mons that you can use for bike tours. ‘Nice route – Lift No. 4 Old Canal Du Center Loop from Nimy’ is an intermediate-level cycling route. This cycling route has mostly paved surfaces and is suitable for only highly skilled bikers.

Bike Tour in Mons and Around - Hotel Mons Blog

It is recommended to have relatively good fitness before resorting to bike at any level. You can access the starting point of the route with the help of public transport. ‘Quaregnon route’ is another cycling route that you should definitely check out when touring Mons.

When exploring Borinage, Quaregnon is certainly a place that will leave an unforgettable impression for you. This cycling route has a medium-level difficulty and can be completed by anyone who has minor experience in cycling before. If you are healthy and have a little experience in cycling before, the Quaregnon route will be a memorable adventure for you.

Finally, if you are someone with minimal or no cycling experience, you should give ‘Silex Neolithic Flint Mines – Cascade d’Hyon Loop from Mons’ a try. The surface here is mostly paved. This route is suitable for bikers of every skill level. There are dozens of more cycling routes that you can explore in Mons.

Staying at our hotel by Mons train station will allow you to travel to these different routes easily. Plus, staying at a good hotel and spa in Mons is just as important as Biking in Mons. Before you depart for Mons, make sure you are fully aware of any Covid-19 related restrictions in the areas you have planned to travel to. Hopefully, you found this blog helpful. Have a safe and happy journey to Mons!