Belgium has been one of the world’s top tourist attractions. Therefore, it has many tourist spots, one of them being the Le Grand Large Lake at Mons. If you are staying at our hotel in Mons centre, then you have the Grand Large Lake to enjoy many water activities at a distance of a mere 2 km.

This lake should surely be on your itinerary if you are traveling along the highway E19, maybe going from Brussels to Paris. You can always have a wonderful stay between your journeys on the highway at our 4* hotel in Mons centre to relax and release fatigue. At the Large Lake, you can have a good boating experience, and the scenery is exceptional.

Other than Le Grand, you will have a plethora of spots to enjoy water activities. One of them can be Dock 79 along the French-Belgian border. It is a place where you can enjoy a friendly environment conducive to family outings. You have an aqua park, the very first aqua park in Belgium, to scale up its top structures, slide down or jump from the top. For your safety, the presence of a lifeguard is a certainty. You also have the opportunity to wakeboard at Dock 79.

Le Grand Large Lake, Water Activities in Mons - Hotel Mons Blog

Another place that you may like for water activities is Spin Cable Park. You will get water sporting options of wake-board, wake-skate, and water-board with a water-ski lift that is towed by a 620 m cable. After such intensive activities, you may as well relax at our 4* hotel restaurant in Mons to release your fatigue and charge yourself for more fun activities.

Then you have Espace Fun, which is another place for exciting water activities. Here you will be able to Wind Surf, Sailing, and paddle. With so many places to explore in the rest of Belgium, you may like to stay at our hotel by Mons Train Station, allowing you to go to nearby destinations and coming back to Mons real quick.

Before performing any water activities in Mons, do follow all the safety precautions so that your amusement comes together with safety. You shall also follow Covid-19 guidelines to stay safe in the current scenario. Apart from that, you just have to worry about filling your itinerary with the best destinations and travel to all of them.

With its beautiful scenery and wonderful environment, Le Grand Large Lake provides a perfect place for an outing for couples. You can collect wonderful memories on a boat sailing on the Le Grand. Hopefully, your experience in Mons is wonderful and a memorable one!