While traveling to Belgium, you will find many slag heaps, but the Heribus slag heap is the one with the most beautiful view. Heribus’ slag heap will take you back to its past of mining with its railway tracks which used to allow for the transport of coal from the mine. You can choose to have a stay at our 4* hotel in Mons centre as this peak is only 10 minutes by car from the centre.

As you enter the foothills of this slag heap, you will start to follow a simple permanent path where you can observe the beautiful countryside and also see the railway tracks set up by French companies in the 19th century.

This area is so calm that it makes you indulge completely in your own thoughts, completely void of the issues of this world. As you start walking into a new path, you will notice the change in soil color from red to black. Initially, it will be a low relief, but then, the actual climbing will begin.

You will love to be accompanied by your partner and climb this beautiful slag heap as a couple. This will allow you to make your bond stronger due to the peaceful nature of this location. When you complete your summit, you will have the most romantic spot to make this hike memorable for you and your partner.

Héribus Slag Heap: a Hike with a View - Hotel Mons Blog

You can have a great picnic spot at the top of the slag heap to relax and enjoy some delicious food with a beautiful view. In addition, you have the opportunity to do an egg test as well. Due to the presence of coal waste, there is a lot of heat under the slag heap. So you can dig up a hole and place an egg inside and find out whether there is enough heat to cook it up or not.

With such an amazing hike, you may become tired, and therefore, you can always find a great hotel restaurant in Mons centre to unwind and release your fatigue. This hike may make you hungry, and therefore, you may visit our hotel & spa in Mons centre and enjoy delicious Belgian cuisines.

You can find many other slag heaps around Belgium; we strongly recommend you to try a hike at other peaks as well. As a result, you may prefer to stay at our hotel by Mons train station as it will allow you easy access to transport that can take you to your desired destinations.

We recommend preparing yourself before a hike: keep a water bottle, a snack, and a first aid kit. Hopefully, your hike will end up being a memorable experience for you.