If you are fond of science and technology and planning to tour Belgium, you should never miss a visit to Le Pass Parc, and include it in your itinerary. This Pass is indeed an original place that makes you comprehend science and technology in addition to a lot of fun.

You would be discovering a host of wonderful things at this place. It is a whole world offering many observations, experiences, and of course, adventure. For instance, you would be enjoying exhibitions, workshops, movies, and stunning outdoor activities as well. As you arrive there, you can stay at our 4* hotel in Mons centre that is located quite nearer to this Pass and other tourist attractions.

After adjusting and taking a rest at the hotel, you can start your tour. This is a scientific themed place which was established in the former mine. You would be finding distinct sorts of exhibitions at this Parc especially dedicated to acrobatics. I am sure these exhibitions would make you cheerful.

You can enjoy several acrobatic activities during this exhibition, including slide ropes, hanging bridges, and swings. Moreover, this also offers a unique presentation on genetics, machines, light, sport, and energy. Besides, there would also be a sychomotor path that mimics the repositioning and movement of various animals.

Having a boisterous day out, you would need some respite, and our hotel in Mons city centre is considered to be an appropriate place for its pleasant and congenial environment and flavorsome food. After resting and getting invigorated, you can resume your visit from Wow Zone, where you can immerse yourself in an entirely different digital world. You would find yourself dialoguing to some interactive type of works awash with beautiful and mesmerizing poetry.

Furthermore, you would come across distinct gadgets, machines, and objects such as Crapshoot, Mister Machine, Material ‘oh, natural and synthetic apparatus full of adventurous things. Above all, you would find a section terming as My body, my health to get to know about your body organs. You can learn yourself as regards the vital mechanism that manages it. You would be excited to witness your real brain, real skeleton, and real heart.

Le Pass Parc, Scientific and Society Adventure Park - Hotel Mons Blog

Moreover, you would also be able to explore a few instances regarding animal intelligence by means of rats, bees, dolphins, and parrots. Spending a hectic day and feeling somewhat weary, it would be better to rest. Our hotel and Spa in Mons offers conducive conditions to stop over being situated in the vicinity of this park. Rest is quite essential while touring Le Pass Pare because this scientific and adventurous place offers you a large number of supreme things to observe and learn.

After taking a rest, you can proceed to the chemistry and life sciences lab expo. This provides experiments, games, and wonderful discoveries. Undoubtedly, you are going to have enormous fun and indeed a lot of learning simultaneously. There are experts available at this laboratory who would guide you to learn to make food flavors etc. If you like adventure, you must see Arco ’Bat, an adventure playground where you can find thrilling things.

Before moving on, it is advisable to visit the exhibition “The Story loft.” This is a place where you would immerse in the past events of thousands of people working and struggling to develop a better living style for themselves. There all things are exhibited and explained using films of the time.

Thus, you would know how the coal was manufactured in the past, particularly its extraction process. This part of the trip would enrich you with invaluable information about what lifestyle was being followed in a miner’s place and how their celebrations and festivities would look like.

If you start feeling somewhat exhausted, you can stay at our hotel restaurant in Mons and then continue your tour. I would strongly recommend visiting the biodiversity garden to familiarize yourself with organisms, ecosystems, etc.

As you stroll and proceed further, you would come across a biodiversity garden situated on the bank of a pond. While concluding your tour, you should also see a few popular places near the Pass Parc, especially Grand-Place Belfry of Mons, Havre Castle, and Grand Hornu.