If you are planning a trip to Belgium and are fond of the country life of the traditional Tournai pattern, artisans, and lush green squares and fields, must include a visit to Montignies Sur-Roc, the most imposing and prettiest village. Your itinerary needs to entail the visit to Montignies, a village situated in Honnelles, the Walloon municipality.

Furthermore, you can also visit the famous Parc natural des Hauts-Pays, located in this village. Your tour to this village would also provide you a sufficient opportunity to witness the French border situated beside the la Petite Tonnelle river. Besides, this village is also home to a brewery known as the Brasserie de l’Abbaye des Rocs.

More interestingly, you would find some beautiful places in the village entailing a Notre-Dame church, a watermill, Calvary, and a small artificial cave; most of them were built in the 18th century. Thus, you would have plenty of options to visit the village and its neighborhood.

As you get to the pearl of the Hauts-Pay, a natural park stretching out on either bank of the renowned Petite Honnelle, you will come across a complete host of producers and artisans along that road. For instance, Brasserie des Rocs that brews as well as exports leading and trendy beers.

As you go on, you would find the Pype farm and a couple of Ceramic workshops, La Plat Caillou and La Roquette. This village is a place of ceramicists and potters presenting their work in the Rue Goutrielle. Spending a busy day out and visiting these places, you would need some rest and our hotel and spa in Mons is hardly a few km away, offers a better and comfortable environment to stay. Taking a rest, you can resume your tour by visiting Flugence Masson.

Visit Montignies-sur-Roc, Wallonia's Village - Hotel Mons Blog

Montignies Sur-Roc village is positioned near the charmful Flugence Masson. This place is awash with the lush green trees and prominent owing to its ancient Tournai-style houses, its pretty configurations, and of course, beautiful lime trees surrounding this. Furthermore, you will enjoy this fascinating village by exploring a large number of distinct old staircases and various paths joining the lower and upper parts of the village.

In due course of your visit, as you proceed further, you would find the Petite Honnelle valley, ancient mill, artificial cave, a lady church in addition to the religious heritages such as old cemetery, Rosary chapel, our old Lady of Cambrai, and the Calvary.

Moreover, another monument possesses a significant and worth seeing place called Chateau de la Motte Baraffe. Indeed, it looks like the Tournai-type fortress reconstructed in the later part of the 17th century. You would be astonished to witness such an unspoiled vicinity right in the middle of Hainaut.

Having spent a hectic day but full of excitement, you must be feeling somewhat weary. To rest and get fresh, you should have some respite at our 4* hotel in Mons centre that would also facilitate you to access a few renowned tourist attractions.

If you are interested in hiking, you can also find the variety and fascination of landscapes of this area. This place has got several marked trails, ideal for exploring the rich traditional heritage. Besides, this wonderful village is also home to numerous artists, including ceramists, potters.

While en route to Montignies after visiting the outskirts of this fabulous village, you must also see a few other nice places in its neighborhood, especially Pairi Daiza. I am damn sure you would be enjoying many fantastic games and rides at this theme park. Moreover, you can also savor splendid restaurants. Your entire tour to Montignies-sur-Roc is going to be unprecedented and awash with matchless and immeasurable amusements.